If you are using react-native >= 0.60 you just need to do a simple:

npm install react-native-admob-native-ads --save

or if you use yarn:

yarn add react-native-admob-native-ads

You also need to install react-native-vector-icons:

yarn add react-native-vector-icons

Don't forget to setup react-native-vector-icons as the guide states for iOS & Android

Android Setup#

Add your AdMob App ID to AndroidManifest.xml, as described in the Google Mobile Ads SDK documentation.

iOS Setup#

Follow the guide to add Google Mobile Ads SDK to your Xcode project. Also don't forget to update your info.plist file to add AppID.

After configuring your project as mentioned in the above guide you must run:

pod install

Requesting IDFA on iOS 14#

On iOS 14 onwards, you need to request IDFA access through App Tracking Transparency Dialog to show targeted ads to the user. For that you can use react-native-tracking-transparency.